Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Glass Half Full

Perception is truly reality. Most of us don't truly understand the power we possess when it comes to controlling or influencing our success and what happens in our lives and careers. Success is all about your outlook. Life is really simple but as people and artists, we tend to complicate the issue. Being a musician/artist is a life long process and change is promised. No matter what level we achieve, there is always more to learn and room for improvement so our attitude is most important as it relates to our experiences. It's always better to see the glass half full. People often ask me why I smile so much or why I always seem to be so happy, especially when I play. Well . . . I figured out a long time ago that you get what you give. If you approach every situation with a positive attitude, professionalism and a commitment to excellence, then you will always get great results. Now I know that some experiences are better than others but every experience we have to play, record, perform, write or create on ANY level is a blessing. I simply go into EVERY situation expecting great things and that is what I get. Discernment and good judgement are also a result of good energy. We've all been through enough to know when a situation is not the best fit for us. Instead of taking a gig just to say we have a job is not worth it if we know that the environment is not one that contributes to our happiness. Life is far to short to spend it being unhappy and complaining. Every day above ground is a good day and a chance to enjoy life and create something beautiful. Relax!!!!!!! Don't put too much pressure on yourself trying to be rich. LOL Just focus on having a positive, professional and productive outlook and not only will you have the success you want but great things that you never expected will happen. I'm a living witness to this. Remember, it is truly better to see the glass as half full. Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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