Monday, April 4, 2011

What Makes A Good Entertainer?

One of the things I've noticed lately is that there are a lot of artists performing but very few are TRUE entertainers. There is a misconception that just being able to do something well will get you over. Let's face it good musicians and singers, sad to say, are a dime a dozen but truly great entertainers are few and far between. What makes a good entertainer? First of all I believe that entertainers are born not made. In most cases either you have it or you don't but there are some things that can raise every one's entertainment game. Being able to sing or sound good is important but your stage presence is actually a bit more important when it comes to a live show because people can stay at home and listen to your CD if all they want to do is have a listening experience. A good entertainer understands that people want to hear and see something special. You must always engage the audience by making them a part of the show. This can be done by simply talking to them in a relaxed and natural manner and putting yourself in the midst of the audience. Don't ever let the stage confine you especially if you are in a small club or venue. Make the entire venue your stage and be daring. People love to see amazing things. Do your homework! Study the things that all great entertainers have in common. Energy, presence, timing and intuition. A great entertainer can never be lazy. Most artists don't fully connect with their audience because they just refuse to work for it. Some nights are easier than others but great entertainers do what they do no matter what. Your performance should not be based on the size of the venue or audience. Great entertainers put 100% of themselves into every performance and the audience appreciates seeing someone give all they have. This is the secret to building a true fan base. This also sets up how you are perceived. For example, if people consider you a good local guy then you are probably good but you are not anything unique but if people consider you a great entertainer then you are a star to them. You are a star that just happens to reside near them or that they have close and personal access to but a star none the less. A great entertainer is also ALWAYS paying attention to what's going on around him/her and finds a way to make those happenings a part of the show. The key to being a good entertainer is just being honest and passionate about whatever you do. Just be YOU and your audience will be entertained. Now go have a GREAT SHOW!

The Truth
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  2. D'Mar,

    I really do like your blog. I would love to feature it on mine.

    New artist do need the right perspective and you provide an immense treasure of insight.
    I also want to thank you for becoming a major part of the SMG Family. Jesse-

  3. Please keep posting about the entertainers...... I want to learn more about entertainers and the characteristics of entertainers....

  4. Great stuff this is.... Except that entertainers are made, not born.