Thursday, May 12, 2011

R. A. O. I.

I was in a session the other night and I had the most enlightening conversation with a fellow musician/producer. We were discussing work ethic and focus. He mentioned something I thought was very interesting called R. A. O. I. or Random Acts Of Improvement. As artists/musicians we are always working trying to get to a certain place but most of the time we are working in vain because we are all over the place. We will have what seems to be small instances of progress but find that this kind of progress is short lived and inconsistent because what we really lack is true focus and purpose. We are truly having Random Acts Of Improvement. This is similar to the saying "The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions". With these random acts, our intent is good but still a waste of time. We have to take time and asses what our main goals are, as a matter of fact just start with one goal and strictly focus on making it happen. This will take prioritizing, planning and consistent implementation. We have to be honest with ourselves as well. There may be a lot of things we LIKE to do but if we truly take stock, we will see that there are some things that are working for us and some that are not and we have to trim the fat. Success is not based on random acts but on concise planning and consistent effort focused in the right direction. Now go and make your plan. No more R. A. O. I.

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