Monday, February 25, 2013

Business Acumen

The one thing that seems to be true about the music business, and any other business, is that when it comes to success, there really is no mystery. I mean there are many different routes to success but the principles are always the same. I've noticed that your level of success is directly related to your level of business acumen. I work with a lot of really talented people and I sometimes find myself asking why these people aren't household names but after working with them, I get it. You see talent is just not enough. Just being great at something doesn't guarantee success. Success is gained by mastering business and organizational skills and you have to ALWAYS be on every aspect of your game ALL the time. For example, I've seen artists get a lot of work but hit a wall when it comes to moving to the next level because, as good as they may be, they are inconsistent. Some nights they are great and others they are just ok. They dress sometimes and sometimes they don't. They like to drink and party sometimes in excess in full view of the decision makers. Now most of you may say hey man loosen up there's nothing wrong with a good time. Well I beg to differ, especially if that good time paints the wrong picture of who you are and what your larger goals are. Remember that people are ALWAYS watching us, on and off stage and it is OUR BUSINESS to always be aware of the type of image we are putting forth. If your goal is to grow your career into a multi million dollar business, your business and presence must say this in every way. So no, there are no surprises. There are tons of talented people that will wallow in mediocrity because of there lack of business acumen. Trust me, this is a business like any other and there are no days off. Every performance is not only an audition but an opportunity and as much as it is about art, it is about business and pushing your career to the next level. This is a highly competitive game but there is room for anyone who's not afraid to work. So decide what you want and start walking down the path toward that success NOW. Remember to always be sincere and passionate. Stay focused on YOUR goals and learn from the mistakes and missteps of others. Success is yours, you have but to reach out and grab it. Enjoy The Journey.

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