Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Have A Strategy

The music industry is an ever changing landscape and now more than ever it requires an entrepreneurial  spirit to win. Gone are the days of becoming a rich rock star funded by a record company. The industry now belongs to tech savvy kids with more creative abandon than talent. These kids fully understand how to navigate the Internet and reach their demographic or even create it. Without even realizing it, they are following basic business practices. As musicians we have spent thousands of hours honing our craft but most of us haven't put in the time learning the business of how to market, promote and sell who we are and what we do in this new digital age. We must all have a strategy. First of all, decide what you want and design a business plan that deals with time lines, strategy and numbers to help you begin to truly see the path. Once this is done, let the plan guide your decisions in all aspects of your career. Most of us waste a ton of time by associating with people that we know don't contribute to our plan. This doesn't mean that these are bad people, just that they will not help us realize our larger goal. It is also important to do a time spent assessment. No matter what you think you are doing, the truth lies in where you invest the bulk of your time. If all of your time is spent playing $100 club gigs then that is about the extent of what you will achieve. The way to make it all make sense is to only take gigs that will add to your plan. It's really not even about the immediate money. You should mind every association and person you work with to be sure that they are a part of YOUR plan. Success is a house built day by day and we must be careful not to waste time on things that don't contribute to the building of this house. Take some time today and evaluate your goals. Design a schedule that will allow you to spend time on the business side of getting your career to the next level. Remember time is money and if you want to make some REAL money you have to invest some REAL time into the business of YOU. There are no days off. You are a walking, talking billboard for your business. Every show you play, every conversation you have and every social network post you make must all speak to who YOU are and be in line with your larger plan for success. Now go make your plan and above all. Enjoy the journey.

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