Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stay Tuned In

The coolest thing about music and any other craft is that you never really learn it all. Being great is a lifelong pursuit. Success is all about consistent growth and change. Learning only occurs from listening, watching and experiencing the moments that happen all around us everyday. Most of us as musicians miss this. We become jaded and our egos lead us to believe that we've been there and done that. Well I beg to differ. The key to growth in music and business is to stay tuned in. We have to pay attention ALL the time. Music is a living, breathing thing that can produce amazing experiencing when we are tuned in. Every musician or creative person has had times when the universe gives us the most beautiful  grooves, melodies and words. This beauty exists in every creative and business situation but the key to connecting with it is being tuned in and approaching every situation being open to explore and create something new and beautiful. It doesn't matter how many times you've done something, each time gives you a new chance to explore the music, the opportunity and yourself. Our performance is only an extension of who we really are. This concept also applies to our business and personal lives. We have to stay tuned in and listen to the people and world around us. All of the answers and success we seek are right in front of us daily but if we are not tuned in, we will miss it all and opportunities will just pass us by. You see success is about relationships and all the experts have always said that the key to having a successful relationship is listening. Let's stay tuned in and better our relationship with the universe. Our success, business and art will be the all the better for. Enjoy the journey.

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