Monday, March 11, 2013

Life Is Short

I've had a few close friends and associates pass away within the last year. The shocking thing is that all of these people where young and in, what seemed to be, great shape. In every case I found myself shocked thinking of how I had just seen or spoke to them not realizing that would be the last time I would share time and space with them. Of course when people pass away, we all have brief moments of reflection and an acceptance of our own mortality but these thoughts soon disappear and we return to our lives as usual. The thing we have to remember is that life is short and we don't have time to waste. This point is driven home more and more as we get older because death is something we will ALL experience so why not live our BEST life all the time. We never know if this moment will be our last or someone else's. This is also applicable to our craft. We never know how our music and performance can affect some one's life so it is paramount that we live and perform FULL OUT all the time. We are not promised tomorrow so we should learn to focus our words, thoughts and actions toward living the best life we can because it can all be over in an instant. The key to living life is to be HAPPY. Yes we all strive for success but if the stress of achieving a certain success shortens your life, it's not worth it. Some say that stress is just a by product of winning. Well not if you truly love what you do and your goal is to live a happy life. As musicians it is important for us to remember that stress kills just like cancer. So as we continue on our paths, let's be sure to take time to enjoy every beautiful moment we can and not stress over ANYTHING. Trust me it's not worth it. God bless those we've lost and may he continue to bless us as we continue ahead. Be well and enjoy the journey.

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