Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Little Things

In every aspect of this business it is the attention to quality that wins every time. Even though some of us may feel as though the bar has dropped a bit, the winners all have a certain level of quality in common. This also goes for musicians. I play with a lot of different guys in a bunch of situations and it's always amazing how a group of people who have never played together can sound as if they have been together for years. This only happens when you have like minded people that share the same belief in quality and mastering the little things. The misconception about being a success is that it all depends on the big break. Well there is no BIG break. Success is a learned behavior. By focusing on mastering the little everyday things, we learn how to practice success. We soon realize that success is only about excellence and quality. It's about always being at our best in practice, performance and business. Once we master the little things, then the big things happen. Success is just like anything else, you have to practice it everyday in every part of your life. We have to not only master out musical talents but our communication skills, time management, planning and follow through. We have an opportunity everyday to practice these skills. These are some of the little things that serve as the building blocks for our larger success. Remember to always strive for quality and excellence in all you do and enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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