Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Never Convenient

The cool thing about this business is it's endless possibilities. There are so many opportunities and careers to be had on and off stage. Most of us have grown up dreaming of becoming this or that and believe it or not, a lot of our dreams have come true but with a price. The truth about success or opportunity is that it's never convenient. I guess this happens in all situations though. Let me explain. Often times we work hard for an opportunity to advance our career only to realize that when it comes we usually have to make some very uncomfortable decisions in relationship to where we are at that particular time. It's never easy. Moving ahead always means you have to leave something behind and most of us are so emotionally attached to situations that when our dream comes knocking, we often won't answer. Success is always about starting over. Once you rise to the top of one level, you have to start over at the bottom of the next. This can be frightening for most of us so we just become complacent and let opportunities pass us by. We have to stay focused on what our BIG picture is. Yes we want everything to be convenient and we want our schedules to work out so that everyone is satisfied but the universe doesn't work like that. Whatever we ask and work for we will have, we just have to be willing to take it. Every call I've ever gotten for a great opportunity has always come when I was fully booked or otherwise obligated and I had to make some decisions. Do I let this opportunity that I have been working all my life for pass by or do I take it and risk hurting some feelings because I have to bow out of some other obligations? I have always taken the opportunity. And yes it's always hard but I've been lucky enough to work with people that support me and want to see me advance because they realize that my success not only benefits me but them as well. I have also had some not so cool situations when people were pretty pissed but I'm like dude it's a chance to be in X movie or do Y tour and I'm sorry I can't make the gig at X local club but I've got to take this chance. I'm finding that it doesn't get any easier. I just do my best to remain upfront and honest with people about my goals and aspirations. So just try to stay focused on your goals and be prepared to make the hard choices when they come and please don't allow emotion or manipulation by others to cause you to miss out on your dream. Always be fair, honest and professional.  Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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