Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pay Attention

I've been in the music business for a long time and I've noticed that it's always about the details. No matter what facet whether it's performing, producing, managing . . . etc, the most successful people pay attention to detail. Now this may sound like a contradiction for musicians because people think that we just live wild lives partying and doing drugs and yes that does happen sometimes, LOL, but it's still amazing that even through some of that, artists are still about the detail. I get a lot of calls to play with people I've never met or I'll have to learn a show and play it with no rehearsal so for me it's all about listening AND watching. YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION. There is nothing more irritating than trying to communicate with someone on stage and you can't because they are not paying attention. I mean it's cool to be in a zone but remember we are all playing together and we have to be in that zone as a unit. As cool as it may be for you to close your eyes, YOU CAN'T! You have to watch every move that is being made by the front person as well as make eye contact and vibe with your fellow musicians. Music is all about communication and to do it well you have to stay focused and tuned in to what's going on. Look at it this way, music is truly another language and every time we perform we speaking to people as a UNIT. Each of us has a role to play in this conversation and when it is done well, people really get it. Have you ever played a show and had someone come up to afterwards and express to you how the music affected them and made them laugh, cry, dance or whatever? This only happens when we are open minded and tuned in to our fellow musicians on stage AND the audience. You will also be surprised at how much can be communicated by just watching each other on stage. Every artist I play with has some kind of body gesture they do to indicate one thing or another so I have to pay strict attention their EVERY move. Just remember music is both audio and visual and we have to always pay attention. Enjoy the journey.

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