Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Common Sense

During my career, I've been approached by so many people from attorneys, managers, investors and promoters all telling me what they can do and how they can make me a star. After I would ask certain questions, these people were either insulted or just didn't want to deal with me simply because I have "common sense". In the music industry, as sad as it may seem, the artist/musician is not really respected, especially at the corporate level. These people figure that we are just the talent and we are too emotional or should only be concerned about creating and leave the finances and business to them. Again I simply say use common sense. All of these people work for US. Without us what do they have to manage or represent, so WE call the shots. Anyone wanting to work with you has to prove their worth via resume and interview just like applying for any other job. But as artists we are always jumping through hoops to prove everything to everyone else without realizing that we are really in charge. When you assert your knowledge with these people they become afraid because they can't hustle you. When someone is making you promises of fame and glory just ask a few questions: have they gotten anyone else to the top, what is there track record and experience and are they willing to invest in helping to build your career? Just these questions alone will reveal who you are really dealing with. I mean just because you are an attorney or manager in a nice office and an expensive suit doesn't mean a thing. You must show me why I need to allow you to work for me in building my career. And remember... THEY WORK FOR YOU! If one of these characters start out by asking for money...RUN! I've seen people ask for money and I've even spent money with people just to see what they would do only to find that their only concern was hustling money. I could have invested the money directly in myself via Internet marketing or some other avenue and reaped a larger benefit. At the core of it all is laziness on our behalf and these people capitalize on the fact that as artists we don't want to have to do certain things. We want to be pampered and catered to. When starting your career, all the things you need to know are available through study and research. Now if someone has a proven career in managing artists and building their career then this is the person to work for you. Notice I said BUILDING careers. Just because someone represents an artist after they are already successful doesn't mean they can help you because building an artist from the ground up is a totally different animal. The bottom line is always use common sense when dealing with any of these people and make sure that you invest in yourself vs. fattening their pockets or building their firm.

The Truth
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