Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Follow Your Heart

Do you remember being a child all wide eyed and full of promise? Some of us do but most of us don't. As a child we are told that the sky is the limit and whatever you want to do you can. In order to reach your goals in this industry you must always maintain that childlike spirit. You will always have people telling you what you can't do mostly because they didn't achieve their dream or personal legend so they try to convince you to give up. You have to follow your heart even when everyone around you doesn't see your vision. Never allow someone to put their limitations on your life. As artists' we operate from a place that is inspired by our dreams. I knew at age twelve what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and I started that very moment to pursue it in spite of the school counselor telling me to have a fall back plan and others telling me how my goals were unrealistic. The only thing that stops you from reaching your goal or dream is giving up. Once you know what you want, follow your heart and never let anyone try to talk you down. Life and your dreams are what YOU make them.

The Truth
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