Monday, January 24, 2011

Facing The Truth

As we navigate through this business and our careers, we soon realize that not everything and everyone are what they appear to be. The closer we get to success the smaller our circles become. This can be hard because it involves us facing the truth about a lot of our associations and relationships. The truth is most of the people that we consider friends are only around to try and usurp our energy and get something for nothing. These people pretend to be in your corner while all the time stealing your ideas and concepts attempting to make them their own. This is a hard truth to face but in order for us to reach our goals, it is a truth we must embrace. Now this doesn't mean that everybody is out to get you but you have to learn to be more discrete about what you share and who you share it with. After all, this business is about competition to most people and they want to win at all costs. If you think I'm being paranoid, test the theory. If you are working with people that praise you in your presence but never publicly acknowledge your contribution to their work, if you are working with people that miraculously always seem to have the same ideas as you only after you have told them of your plans and if you are working with people that will sell themselves and take credit for work they didn't do then it's time to face the truth. These people are not your friends and you should only deal with them as it suits your business. Bottom line, only get involved with them from a business perspective and only discuss things that concern them and never discuss your other business plans or aspirations. Having to face this truth only means you are on the right track or better yet, you have arrived and you just need to tighten your inner circle. Welcome to your success.

The Truth
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