Thursday, January 20, 2011

Maintaining Your Passion and Drive

The music industry is full of ups and downs. If you are not careful it can make you loose focus and forget the reason you started pursing your goals. It is important to always maintain your passion and drive in all that you do in this business and your life. What most artists/musicians miss is that talent is one thing but it is our passion and heart that makes the real difference. No matter how long you've been doing what you do, you should still attack every situation with a child like exuberance. I do a lot of studio work as well as live performance and the truth is I still enjoy playing my instrument now as much as I did when I was twelve years old. I've come to find that my passion and love for what I do is contagious in every situation. When I play on people's records, that child like energy helps to drive the music to a beautiful place and the same is true with the live shows. People really connect with seeing someone putting their all into something they love because it makes them feel good as well. We just have to get out of our own way. I mean you can be focused on being the best this or that but without connecting with your passion for the craft you will come off kinda flat or pretentious. We should always be in the creative moment. Playing music is like being in love and when you are in love you bear your soul and become vunerable to the one you love. We have to open ourselves to the music with the same passion. Your play your personality. Just be you and never be afraid to bask in the sunshine of your love for what you do and every time you play, dance, sing, write or whatever you do, put all of YOU in it. This is the secret to success because this is what drives the unknown X factor people speak of. Some people call it the IT factor as well. Don't try to figure it out, just be honest and forever passionate about what you do and rest will take care of itself. Don't become jaded hang on to what made you love this from the start. Now go and create something beautiful.

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