Monday, August 13, 2012

Taking Risks

I'm often asked about my approach to stage performance and where it comes from and I'm still not sure myself because it's all about the moment for me. Music is about the passionate pursuit of happiness. Every time we take the stage is another chance to explore and learn something new. It's all about taking risks, not only on stage but off stage as well. The music industry is a very difficult business to succeed in, at least financially, but the only way you win is by being daring and pushing the envelope. When creating and performing we have to not be afraid to test our creative limits EVERY time. When people experience this, you have a fan and a FRIEND for life. This business is about building and maintaining a fan base and the only way to do it is to give people something they can only get from you. Now this is hard because, truthfully, not all of us are truly free or courageous enough to do something new. What we have to understand is that most audiences are jaded and they come to a show thinking they've seen EVERYTHING and for the most part they are right but when we are able to truly give them a NEW experience, they so appreciate it. All of us can do it! It just takes letting go of the isms and taking every performance one at a time. I mean you may have a well rehearsed show but leave room in your show for spontaneity. Leave room for the universe to participate. We must understand that the goal is to become one with the art so that we observe and feel everything that is occurring in a space around us so that we are able to make those elements a part of the experience. And since every venue and audience is different, every show will be it's own unique trip. This also applies to everything in our lives. We must learn to live out loud by taking risks. We have to continue to grow and challenge ourselves in every aspect of our lives. Just remember . . . there can be no success without risk. Enjoy the journey.

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