Monday, August 27, 2012

The Journey Is More Important

Life can be an interesting mystery. We are basically taught from an early age to pursue are goals and dreams as if achieving them will make us happy and end the journey. We are taught to focus so hard on reaching something that we forget to truly live and enjoy life. The journey is truly what life and success are all about. The journey is far more important than the destination. It is the journey that molds and teaches us who we are and what we REALLY want. How many times have you worked so hard to achieve something only to feel a little empty when you do? That empty feeling is the "What Now?" feeling. Once you reach the goal, you realize that you have to continue moving to be happy. You see, we are taught to see life in a very superficial way. It's all about what you have and achieve and not what you experience but it is the living that fulfills us and gives us wisdom. I think no one understands this better than the artist because we all realize at some point that it is our living that drives our creativity and not the other way around. It is paramount that we learn to enjoy the journey by finding beauty and success in the simplest things. It's very ironic because it takes the same sensibility to truly be a great artist. I mean putting on a great performance or writing a great song is ALL about interpreting life in a moment and that can only happen through a simplistic attention to your surroundings. Simply put, we must live our lives out loud every moment. Our goals are only markers along the way of a much larger journey that only ends when we stop breathing so stay motivated and enjoy the journey.

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