Tuesday, August 21, 2012

There Is Room For Us All

I've been in this industry for over twenty years and I've seen and learned so much. I have a rather unique perspective being that I've spent time working as a musician, administrator and producer in hip/hop, pop, r&b, funk, gospel, country, rock and blues. Yes I've done a bit of almost everything. I've even done jingles and the one thing that is the same no matter what is that most people are always thinking that some one is out to get them or take something from them. We often set out to try and have it all but what I've learned is that there is room for us all. Monopoly in any business is never good because it stifles the industry and it cheats the public. There is always room for great ideas. The problem we have is that when it comes to radio, booking, promotions . . .etc, there are a hand full of people that control what the masses get to see and unfortunately these people are mostly insecure and only let a certain type of talent through. Mostly the ones that will never become larger than the system. This is why the quality of acts at concerts and festivals worldwide has been in decline in recent years. Don't get me wrong, there are some great acts out here but for the most part mediocrity rules the day. What has to happen is a change in mindset. No one man/woman can make ALL of the money or have ALL of the power. There is enough to go around and now that the industry is moving largely to being controlled by independents, it's time that we learn to work together and share the work and opportunities. This will only make things better for ALL of us. The audience will get a better more diverse product and more of us will get a chance to participate and reap the benefits of success. I know some may say that this is naive thinking but now is the time for change in this industry and that change has to start with US as artists, musicians and business people because we all have the power to do what we want IF we can work together toward a common goal. The goal is simply inclusion and a balanced playing field. It's really all about karma. Be the change you want to see and it will happen. Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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