Monday, January 16, 2012

Never Forget

Today we celebrate Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We all know how great this man was and what he did for ALL of us. It does seem that time has a way of making us forget certain things though. This current generation, as is my generation and even the generation that lived through the civil rights movement, is totally disconnected from the true meaning of Dr. King's legacy. A lot of the opportunity that we have ALL been afforded came as a result of Dr. King and tireless others who lived and died for freedom and equality, things we now take for granted. We must NEVER FORGET the struggle that existed during his life because it is still with us just in different forms and in some cases it's exactly the same. Now when I say never forget, I'm not saying that we have to try to live in the past and cast blame on this group or that group but we must face, embrace and never forget the ugliness that is racism. We must keep the lessons taught to us by our forefathers in front of us at ALL times or we will be doomed to repeat those lessons. We live in a time where education has lost it's zeal. We are all chasing money and status. We want to be famous at any cost while taking for granted that people died for us to have the right to get a good education because knowledge is the one thing that no one can take from you. Dr. King's work can still be felt even in the entertainment business but the work is not done. This business is still largely segregated and equal access is still an issue as it is in Hollywood. It is important that we understand that we are all one people but in order to move forward to a better place, let's never forget the struggle we've come through led by Dr. King and others like him. Take time today to reflect and refocus on what's really important and share that reflection with a young person. Enjoy the journey.

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