Thursday, January 5, 2012

Turning The Page

The hard truth about achieving success is that most of us never really do and never will. Not because we are not capable but because we refuse to be successful. Life is like a book and achieving success is all about turning the page. None of us can stay the same or stay in the same place. Our lives, like a book, are full of chapters and we have to be willing to continue writing the story. The problem most of us have is that we romanticize a particular chapter in our lives too long instead of just turning the page and moving on. The only way to know what's next is to go after it but you can't do so being afraid or by holding on to what you've already done. Life is all about the NOW and NEXT. What you did yesterday is gone never to return and it doesn't matter if it was a great day or a bad day, you can't get either one back. You have to move forward to have more great days and new chapters of success. The music industry especially is about constantly writing new chapters. Art changes by the minute because it is a living breathing thing and when you allow yourself to stand still too long, life begins to pass you by. Turning the page is also about change and change is inevitable and good. We have to understand that we do not know it all that's why we have to keep living. As I always say, it's more about the journey than the destination. You may think you know what you want or where you want to be but along the way you may modify or even change what you want based on the journey. So let's not be so attached to any particular chapter in our life story. Let' live, learn, keep writing and turning the pages of our success story. Above all please enjoy the journey.

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