Thursday, January 12, 2012

Staying Humble

The music industry is full of contradictions. It appears, on the surface, that you have to be outspoken and arrogant to be a success but it's really all about staying humble. There is a difference between being confident and being arrogant. This business is very humbling. I mean think about all of the things we have to endure just to make it like having people always think you are worthless or treating you like you don't matter because you chose to pursue your passion. We've all had those "You need to make more money conversations" even from people who say they understand and believe in us. Having people treat you like a child is a VERY humbling experience. The funny thing is that most of us don't hold on to this feeling though. Once we make it to a certain level and start to make money and achieve notoriety or success we sometimes forget about humility and the people that helped us get there. I do understand that some of us react to having been treated like a second class citizen so we feel like success gives us freedom to strike back at those people. It is important to remember that success only makes you the person that you really are. A lot of times we are only humble because we have to be. It can be a very thin line to walk though with every one always telling you how great you are at your shows and how you are a star but as I said in the beginning this industry is full of contradictions. The same people that praise you when you are on stage are the same people that complain that you are worthless when you are off stage. Living through this should be enough to keep any of us humble. Humility is the true key to longevity and true success. It's OK to be happy about an accomplishment but never forget how you got there and no one ever
STAYS on top so it's best to always be humble and maintain great relationships at every level of your career. Also by being humble it will ensure that people will always WANT to help you because it is amazing to see someone with super human talent or ability be humble. It is endearing and impressive. Stay humble and enjoy the journey.

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