Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You Decide

The bottom line about life and your career is that they will be whatever YOU decide they will be. The hardest thing to do is really the easiest thing to do and that is to live YOUR life. In the music industry we are always making decisions to please other people. It is seldom that we really follow our hearts but the true road to success is only paved by following the truth. We are all guilty of letting people and things in our life influence the music and decisions we make. The funny thing about that is that those same people don't allow us to have that much influence in their lives. As creative people we have to not allow others to continue to make us slave to money or their perception of who we are or should be. We have to decide to just do what we want to do. This is a very slippery slope because we do need support but sometimes people will patronize us and call it support which is just disrespect. We live with our hearts on our sleeves. We are always exposed and trying to please. I say that it's time to try pleasing ourselves first. Yes we can have responsibilities but if we don't take care of ourselves, how can we be responsible to anyone else? The truth is that most people are not comfortable unless they can control you and we sometimes are so insecure that we feel as if we need those people. Well we don't need them. From this day forward don't make another decision based on just pleasing someone else because in the end you will have to live with whatever decision YOU make. Just be wise and honest with yourself. Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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