Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Always Honor Your Audience

I've done a lot of shows and had a lot of experiences and one thing I know is that if you are going to make it in this game, you have to have a thick skin and you must be a trooper. Our main goal is to build a fan or friend base of people that will support us and our music by buying tickets to our shows and purchasing our music and other merchandise. In building this relationship with our fan base, it is vital that we always honor our audience. I've been in situations where there have been miscommunication about money between the agent, artist and venue. If the venue has done their part, in terms of sending the correct deposits and covering your travel, accommodations and paying you your balance as stated in your contract, then no matter what other arrangements may exist between you, your label, agent or management, you must fulfill your obligation to the venue and your fans. When people buy tickets to our shows, they do so expecting to be entertained. No matter what else is going on in our lives or with our business, we owe our audience a GREAT show. They paid their money and took time out to spend and evening with us and they simply deserve the best. Let's face it, there are always obstacles to overcome in this business but we can minimize them by doing our due diligence in advance by taking care of ALL of our business so that our audience doesn't have to become a casualty of bad business or miscommunication. Our relationship with our fan base is like any other, it must be honored, respected and nurtured if we are to have success. Enjoy the journey.

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