Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Be Positive

The key to living a beautiful life and having success in this business or any other is understanding the concept of mind over matter. As creative people we are always tasked with stepping outside of our creative space to focus on the dreaded business or financial. Most of us choose to ignore it or just lie to ourselves about it, therefor we end up wasting our talents by being underpaid and never realizing the full potential of our gifts. It's as if we see doing business in a negative light so we continue to defer those responsibilities to others with no results on our behalf. It's important to ALWAYS be positive and see the glass as half full and never half empty. Remember that this is a business and if we are going to make enough money to support ourselves and others then we have to be as inspired to handle business as we are when it comes to creating art. No more complaining or beating yourself up. You truly are what you think you are so there is no room for negative words, actions, thoughts or relationships. Having this attitude will inspire you to move forward in truly turning your creative gift into a valuable commodity for the buying public. If we know that playing clubs doesn't pay enough, then don't complain or be negative about it and never settle. There are several ways to increase your income that don't involve you getting a job outside of your field. You just have to look at it from a creative point of view. Write down your skill sets and place value to them other than just playing gigs. Whether it's teaching private lessons, consulting or developing a program that is unique to who you are and what you do. Just be positive and creative about it. I mean if you spend eight hours a day punching a clock to be underpaid, what else can you do to build your own creative, financially successful business in that same eight hours a day? Think about the amount of energy we expend in getting booked in clubs. Now what if we expended the same energy in developing alternate incomes streams that are derived from our creative skills. My friends it is possible! Just stay positive and enjoy the journey.

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