Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't Settle!

Staying focused on a your chosen path can seem next to impossible in this business or life in general but it is a must. Most of us started out with clearly defined visions of who we were and what we wanted to achieve but somewhere along the way we started to compromise our goals and visions. This happens to the best of us, whether it's making changes for a personal relationship or getting into a business situation that you know is not right but you feel desperate. Well I'm here today to tell you two words . . . DON'T SETTLE!!!! Yes, this business is hard and we all have our ups and downs but it is important that we maintain out integrity. We should never settle for mediocrity or for anything less than what we know we deserve. Now this means that we will always have to work for EVERYTHING we get but nothing worth having is really free. I've seen guys sign bad deals with companies because they figure that they are getting old and a bad deal is better than no deal at all or they are in a personal relationship that doesn't serve their best interest but they feel as if they just have to be with somebody. Settling is just another word for giving up. Don't fool yourself about it. When you settle for something you know you don't want, it slowly eats away at the very essence of who you are. It can even be manifested in physical ailments or depression. Life is truly too short to ever have to settle. We have to live full out. Yes we will make some mistakes and yes even the best of us have thought about giving it all up, if you haven't then you haven't really been living this life full out but it is being able to recover from those moments of doubt and push forward to heights you didn't even think possible that let's you know that settling or giving up is NEVER the way to go. Don't allow another man, woman or child to make you settle. Take your bumps and bruises but keep going. The only way you will loose the race is if you stop running. So don't stop. Stay inspired and live, love and create full out ALL the time.

The Truth
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