Thursday, March 10, 2011

Making Your Hard Work Pay Off

One of the hardest things for creative people to figure out is how to make our hard work pay off financially. As we have stated before, this is a business first and foremost, and we have to start to put our focus on the business ALL the time. If we spend all of our time in the studio creating, when is there time invested in going out to let the world know what we have created? We can't do it all ourselves. We need a team of people to help us but how do we build that team if we are not aggressively pursuing it. I'm speaking from experience because for a long time I was one of those studio hermits. I've written thousands of songs and made and played on tons of records only to go from one creative situation to the next but not really putting in the time to let the music industry know my value as a producer, songwriter, musician, engineer and consultant. What I discovered was if I never wrote another song, I had enough intellectual property to shop to any situation, whether it's movie sound tracks, scoring, commercials or even sitcom themes. I just had to began to split my time and invest in making relationships to let people in the industry know what I have to offer and get some of this music placed. I still spend a LOT of time creating but I am always aware of also staying focused on getting the music in front of the right people to help push it into situations that will yield creative and financial success. Focus on doing the same for yourself. Let's make this creative gift pay off.

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