Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No Pay, No Play

One of the most irritating things about this business is the something for nothing attitude that some people have. Nothing in life comes easy and it shouldn't. This is the only way to appreciate anything. It is not only the fault of those that try to get over but it is the fault of those who ALLOW people to get over. I admit to being guilty of this crime. The new rule has to be... NO PAY, NO PLAY. Like most people, I've always believed in helping people achieve their goals. My view is that people have and continue to help me so I should do the same. The only difference is that the people that help me only do so because they see that I am already helping myself. I won't ask anyone for anything that I'm not willing to do myself first. In most cases, I will do it all myself just to show the value of what I have to offer. If you want to be in this industry you must decide how much you are willing to invest and never expect anyone to invest more in you than you are willing to invest in yourself. If you want to make a record then save your money or find a way to raise it. If you can't raise it all yourself, at least put in half with an investor. Sometimes we can create situations for people that we think will help them but we are really only exhibiting co dependent behavior by not making people responsible for themselves and their career. For instance: I will have super talented artists who want to do a project but say they don't have any money. I will make an offer for the label to co sponsor their project and some of these people won't put one penny of their own money up to help produce the project and wonder why they are not having any success. Let me tell you a big secret. You are what you do. If you are the type of artist that never wants to invest in yourself, then you will never advance your career. You must pay to play. Studios cost money. Even though someone is helping you, their expertise and time is very valuable and you should respect it by contributing financially to the development of your project and career. If you don't, just understand that he that pays is the owner of everything. Yes EVERYTHING , the masters, publishing and copyrights. When you don't invest in yourself you set yourself up to become a statistic so your something for nothing attitude will turn on you as it has thousands of artists before you. Don't become a statistic. Decide if this is what you really want. If so just be ready to work and sacrifice because the reward is great for those that want and are willing to work for it. Don't be a user. Believe in you at all costs and start claiming your success daily.

The Truth
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