Thursday, March 3, 2011

Your Art & Your Health

I'm just coming to the end of a ten day fast/cleanse and man it feels great. As creative people it is a must that we take care of ourselves physically. There is definitely a direct correlation between your art and your health. Most of us neglect our health because we are always busy getting things done so we don't work out as much or at all and we don't eat right. We also suffer from a lack of sleep and for some of us you can add alcohol to the mix. It is rather ironic because being in this business is really like being a professional athlete especially if you are a performer but I guess we are all performers whether it is on stage, in the studio or in the board room. Like an athlete, to perform at our highest ability, we need to be in shape. We are also in an image driven industry so your appearance can make or break you in a lot of situations. Our health can also contribute to or detract from our creative ability. Your brain needs proper blood flow to operate at its highest level so if you are not eating the right foods and getting the proper exercise to stimulate this process, you are simply stunting your creative output. Trust me, no matter how good you THINK you are, you will be much better if your body is operating at its optimum and don't let people tell you that it's your age. Look at some of the greatest performers of our time that performed at their highest level well into their senior years largely because at some point in their life they began to see how important good health was to their longevity. Face it, our quality of life is directly connected to our health. So let's not sabotage our success by not doing the most important thing and that is taking care of our personal health. Stay healthy and create your success daily.

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