Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Professional Musicians & Arts Education

One of the most obvious things in the music industry today is the lack of true expertise, nurturing and education. There is a lot of misguided talent out here and it is our responsibility to fix these issues. As you may know, years ago, the government cut all arts funding across the board. This resulted in the loss of band and other arts related programs. Those schools that still have programs have to operate on a less than shoestring budget and with the whole country being test crazy, the emphasis on arts in zero. What we have to do is to see the constant parallel between professional musicians and arts education. As professional musicians and products of some great arts programs, it is up to us to partner with arts councils and alliances to take our knowledge and expertise into the classroom. Now this doesn't mean that you become a traditional teacher but if you look at it, we are always teaching or learning. This is what life is all about. Each One Teach One. If we want to see these children become better artists and musicians, then it is our responsibility to step in and help this cause. Each of us is the product of positive nurturing and mentoring from our musical elders. We have to learn how to take the things we've learned from performing on stages around the world into the classroom. If you think about it, music is only a small part of what we have learned. We are teachers of life skills. These children need to know that the arts are a gateway to truly having a successful existence in life. The arts give a child the ability to contribute something new and beautiful to the world. The lack of art will only result in darkness because they will create one way or the other. It is up to us to help assure that the future of arts education is sustained. Make a call to your area arts commission or arts alliance and start to inquire about the grants that are available for us to go into the classroom and help these children be artists. Arts is vital to life's vision and where there is no vision/art, the people perish.

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