Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Staying Inspired

One the hardest things to do as an artist is to stay inspired. Well let's just say it can sometimes seem to be the hardest thing. What we have to realize as creative people is that we are very sensitive to all kinds of influences and stimulation. The type of lives we live and the way we think are always at the core of our inspiration. True inspiration comes from living your life full out. Don't just talk and plan your life away, you have to live it. Living life full out will allow you to draw inspiration from all facets of the life experience. Whether it's good, bad, happy or sad, you can draw from these things to inspire your art. You have to make your entire life an inspirational experience. This means that you have to monitor every relationship or interaction and you have to decide how you want to process the experiences you have. For instance: we all have issues from time to time but we can choose to grow from them and be inspired or we can choose to be consumed by them and have our inspiration quenched. It is all truly a mind set. When your mind and soul are clear, you can connect with inspiration. This simply will enable you to seize every moment and capitalize on every idea without belaboring it's inspiration. Staying inspired is truly just having unshakable faith in what you want and not allowing any negative energy to invade your space. Now go and seek your inspiration by knowing that it is truly all around you. Just be still and listen.

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