Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dealing With The Front Man

I'm just back from touring for the last month. It was interesting because within one month I toured or performed in five vastly different situations. Each situation required a different level of musical prep and emotional understanding. The one thing I was thankful for was my years of experience knowing what to deal with and what not to deal with. The biggest thing is understanding the front man ego. (This applies to male and female). I've worked with Little Richard for the past sixteen years and there is no bigger star in the galaxy. The main thing to understand when dealing with a front man of any sort is that you are there to give them what THEY want, even if they don't know what they want. (LOL) This sounds strange I know but it is true. I can't tell you how many times I've had an artist try to tell me what they wanted but had no clue on how to communicate it technically or otherwise but the front man ego won't let them admit that they don't know. So I've just learned to be observant of everything from their off stage personality to there body movements and gestures on stage. IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT TO ALWAYS KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE FRONT MAN. Their actions truly speak louder than their words. You should always adopt this motto, " They may not always be right but they are never wrong." The front man can do no wrong. At least that's the way they see it so if we are going to exist in their world and truly give them our best then we must believe it too. Never take any of their rantings personal because most of that is just to keep you off center. Just be confident and most of all be well prepared and just relax. Music is nothing but fun. Most of the time front men can be very insecure so they feel like enforcing their will over us validates their importance to the world. (LOL) Just go with it. Don't allow it to stress or affect your performance. These are very special people and for those of us that also double as front men, just keep in mind how we feel sometimes and let's do our best to be fair with the musicians we deal with. Now go have a great show and remember they are NEVER wrong.

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