Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trim The Fat

One of the quickest ways to reach a goal is to first decide what it REALLY is you want. I mean in the music industry we end up doing so many different things to make ends meet, so to speak, that we kind of dilute our focus. It's time to trim the fat. We need to look at what things are contributing to the manifestation of our goals and what things are not. Once you make this decision, trim the fat with extreme prejudice. These things are nothing more than distractions but it takes a strong constitution, a strict will and a pure heart to do this. It even includes limiting your associations. Most of us are doing or have done gigs with what we term as Major artists and we have always looked at own projects as side things. It's no wonder that we have no problem getting another "gig" but our own projects never seem to fully materialize. It's because we only see them as side things. Have you ever thought, "That "gig" may be some fat that needs to be trimmed." I've done the Little Richard gig for 16 years. For all that time that gig was my priority. It took precedence over EVERYTHING. I finally had to be able to put it into it's proper place. It is an honor to work with and learn from a legend but there comes a time when you have to invest something into building our own house because as long as you give someone else full control of your life then you will never have what YOU want. As I said sometimes certain situations can serve as crutches or just be excess fat that needs trimming. It's a scary prospect being out here on your own but how else do you really expect to be the guy that owns the company, calls the shots, BOOKS the gigs...etc. You don't get to be that guy without taking risks and having unshakable faith. Now this is not for everybody. I do understand that but we all can take stock and trim some fat to help move our lives and careers forward. Start trimming TODAY!

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