Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Social Networking: Necessity or Addiction?

I spend a lot of time on line via facebook, twitter, linkedin, reverbnation ... etc. As an independent business owner the Internet gives me access to an almost limitless market. It seems that being on line a few hours a day is a down right necessity or is it an addiction? I guess it can actually be both. Truth be told, if I didn't feel like I had to put in daily time on line to maintain and grow my brand then I probably would be doing something else with the time. There are pros and cons to social networking. Some of the pros are being able to expand your fan or consumer base worldwide at a key stoke, keeping people aware of your brand in a way YOU choose, basic advertising with low over head and being able to stay in the loop of where the pulse is as it relates to your particular area of interest. Some of the cons are getting distracted by things that are unrelated to motivating or growing your business, dealing in social circles that you know you shouldn't be in just because you happen to be on line, not being able to keep your focus on the BUSINESS of social networking and allowing it to become to personal and being just down right nosy reading every little post about when someone chooses to use the bathroom or how cute their kid's are. Now I understand that we all have different reasons for being on line and networking and this is inevitably the answer. As a professional, before investing any time on line, decide exactly what your social networking purposes are and STICK TO THEM. If you want to deal in personal issues then maybe have and alternate sight to do so but even then as a business person that is a waste of time. We are out here on the web to do BUSINESS so let's stay focused on the necessity of having a strong; positive web presence and let's stay away from the frivolous addictions that can come with this medium of communication. Just remember, you are what you post so let's stay digitally focused. See you out there.

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