Thursday, June 16, 2011

It Takes Courage To Advance

One of the hardest things to do in this industry and life in general is to change. We know that it almost always takes changing something to move to a better place. As musicians and artists, change is usually something we fear so for the most part we become complacent and just settle for what we have, not realizing that life is always about taking risks and having the courage to move out into the unknown. I'm am personally faced with making these kind of decisions ALL the time. I travel all over the world doing many things in many different capacities and the more I see the more it becomes evident that I need to make certain changes. Now these changes can be in association, location or focus. It takes a lot of self confidence and courage to decide to uproot and move yourself to a new market or to even tackle something at the next level. The truth is sometimes it may seem as if you are going backwards. For instance: I'm tasked with relocating one of my main recording studios to a west coast market. Now this means I have to find new real estate, set up in the market and be able to generate income to sustain in this new market. Some say, "Why move!?" I have certain personal, career and financial goals that can't be met where I am now and changing or moving doesn't mean you leave what you've built behind, it simply means that you are expanding your territory, raising your visibility and earning potential. We all SAY we want certain things in our careers but very few of us have the courage to make the necessary changes it takes to advance. Never make changes based on other people either. It's cool to have a support system but at the end of the day YOU are going to have to make it happen. Sometimes people have good intentions but they are consumed enough with their own lives and goals and you and your goals become at best a part time interest for them so stay enCOURAGEd. Just focus on what you want and have the faith and courage to pursue it relentlessly.

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