Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finding Your Identity

The music business can be very confusing. Everyone seems to have a definition of what they think good is and as artists we continue jumping through hoops to no avail. How many times have you seen an artist sell tons of records or concert tickets and people will say that he/she can't really sing or he/she is not as good as whomever. Well let me tell you a secret. The key to longevity and success in this business is finding YOUR identity. We all have something that is unique to us. Not everyone is a super vocalist but it doesn't take being great to define an identity. Great singers are a dime a dozen but unique voices are few and far between. This goes for singing, writing or playing and it is often the imperfections that help define this identity. Music is about being honest and connecting with an audience and that often times has little to do with how you compare to someone else. If you deliver art from your heart that connects and inspires people, then they just accept YOU for who you are and they invite you into their lives. We all start out by imitating or admiring someone else but we eventually have to define who we are. This is a really hard thing to do because it takes courage and resilience because it can take time for people to understand who you are. It is always worth it though. You want to have an undeniable identity so that when people hear your sound they know it immediately. I mean take Bob Dylan for example, he was not a great singer by regular standards but he was such a great song writer and no one else sounded like him at all. He created an undeniable identity. Love it or hate it, you definitely knew it was him. We can play in cover bands or we can try to create music based on what we think the public wants to hear but this will just keep us jumping through hoops. People don't know what they want but they are always ready for something new and unique. Whether it be your music or stage show, define your identity and it will insure you a spot in this industry. Enjoy the journey.

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