Wednesday, February 15, 2012


In this new era we as artists and musicians are working to define our position in this industry. Most of us, as always are really our own worse enemies. I talk to people all the time that complain about their state in the industry and how they are being cheated and unfairly treated but when you look at how they operate you know why they are not being successful. The thing we ALL have to remember is that following proper protocol is highly important to your success. Protocol is define as: The established code of procedure or behavior in any group, organization, or situation. There is simply a right and wrong way to do things. It is as simple as just doing good business. I deal with people all the time that will book me for gigs or shows and for the most part things go well but I have had situations where guys will ask me to sub or hold certain dates for them then they will back out without good reason or proper notification. This is not good business. If I agree to help you out by subbing or covering a job for you, that means that I have turned down other work to help you so when you cancel me that means that I'm not making ANY money. Now I've had this happen and people would say that I should confront the people about it but I'm one of those people that believes in experience being the best teacher. If you burn me once, that's the only chance you get to do so. My career has been successful and I'm continuing to gain more success because I don't do drama and I believe in honor and following protocol. It's so important to always do good business because you never know who you are REALLY dealing with. That man/woman that you lie to or mistreat today could be the president of a company in the future that could give you an opportunity. Now I've lived this too. I've served as MD in several very prominent situations and I continue to have hiring power in several arenas. Now when I'm working with people I'm always looking at who I could bring into a larger situation with me. I never reveal all of my resume or experience because it's important to me to see who a person really is. I've been burned by guys in the past and when they found that I was the MD in charge of hiring for a particular show, they would become humble and apologetic but they've already shown me their true colors and no one ever wants to work with someone they can't trust. So in every situation, no matter how big or small, always honor proper protocol. If you commit to someone or book them and you can't fulfill the obligation. Be honest and upfront. Also if you book someone and they are helping you, the thing to do is compensate them if you have to cancel them to show that you respect their time and that you value the relationship. Enjoy the journey.

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