Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just Work Through It

In the process of pursing your career there are always obstacles. It doesn't matter where you are in your process. Every time you reach a new level, there are new challenges. You are always proving yourself at one level or another. We all experience ups and downs in our careers but as long as we keep moving forward success is ours. Just keep working through it. Every new opportunity is a kind of double edged sword. It's a chance to advance further but it often requires just a bit more work and dedication. Nothing is ever promised so we have to operate largely on faith and have confidence in our own ability to conquer any challenge put before us because failure is simply not an option. Most people don't understand the load we shoulder as creative people, especially those closet to us in business or personal relationships. These people don't understand the amount of courage and focus it takes to get up everyday not knowing what to expect but being able to create something from nothing in most cases and this takes a lot of FOCUS. Any mood, action or word that doesn't support this focus can create HUGE issues for us but that's when we have to maintain our focus even more and just keep working through it knowing that we WILL be successful. I mean we already have success but as I stated before, it never really stops. There is always a new level to reach and new things to learn and create. So don't be discouraged by obstacles, be encouraged by them because they only make us better and inspire us to keep moving forward. Enjoy the journey.

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