Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lead By Example

We have talked a lot about the current state of the music industry and what we need to do to change and improve it. Well we've done enough talking. It's now time for us to lead by example. Most of us have written literally hundreds of songs that have never been heard by anyone. Now is the time to make this new industry model work for us. In the past releasing an independent CD was a daunting task because you had to have at least $5,000 just to make the record and order product but the digital distribution via the Internet has made this a much more affordable process. Forget trying to release a full length CD right away. Start with a single you think is strong and release it. With graphic design and digital web fee, it shouldn't cost you more than $200 to have your song up for sale on itunes and CD Baby. The single approach also gives you a chance to test market your material. If you release a single and the public doesn't respond then you know that you need to come with a different song but it didn't cost you thousands of dollars to find this out. Once you've released two or three successful singles, you can then invest in releasing a full length CD. Again I advise going the digital route first because it is less expensive. The idea with doing the singles is that it will help you build a fan base and get them to trust you and the quality of your music so when you release the full CD they won't mind taking a chance on purchasing the CD because they've enjoyed the singles. It's also good to give your fan base incentives such as alternate mixes and even a free download from time to time. The bottom line is getting people to follow us and tell their friends to do the same. Once you have your fan base moving you can then invest in pressing hard copies to sell at shows or send out for festival and concert work. The digital route is just an easy way to help you put together a great CD that will interest your fans. So no more talking, pick a song and release it NOW! In the spirit of this conversation, I will lead the way. I have just completed my new project entitled "The Nu Funk Soul R & B Mix Tape". I am releasing three singles before I drop the full CD. The first single is Sweet Baby which is now available for download on itunes at and on CD Baby at So not only am I challenging you to lead, I am also leading by example. If we don't put our music out as often as we can, how will we ever be a viable part of changing this industry? Enjoy the journey and go download my new single.

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