Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today's music industry is more of a business than it ever has been and as artists' and musicians we have to change our creative view to fit and be successful in this model. The key to winning in today's climate is branding. We can no longer look at ourselves from a one dimensional view. We have to see ourselves as a brand or commodity. This means always being aware of our image and placing value on it. We have to approach branding just like Nike or Coke. Whenever we perform or step into the public, there is an opportunity to brand. One of the things that I've began to use is name recognition. I've had every drum kit I own embossed with my name and logo so that no matter where I am or who I'm playing with, people are sitting there reading D'MAR on the front of the drum kit. It's also useful to have a strong web presence from YouTube, blogs, social sites, EPK's and a website. All of us should also own a digital camera and video camera to contribute to the brand by keeping footage of what we do. This is one way to boost your brand by pulling people into your world. Remember, branding is not something you have to wait on, start from where you are and promote, promote, promote. The way you dress, your hair style, your swag, the microphone you use, your logo, the type of instrument you play, the way you move on stage or do what you do...etc. These are all a part of branding. And as creative people, we have to commit some time everyday to sitting at the computer and building our brand via the Internet. All this costs us is time. So let's remember to stay inspired, focused and no longer look at ourselves as just musicians or artists' but as a brand to be marketed on many levels. Success is all ready yours.

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