Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Investing In Yourself

I'm just back from recording a great project in New York with some rather famous and influential people. The session came about after months of discussion but even though we discussed it for months it all came together rather fast. It ended up being a great deal but we all agreed to foot the bill to make the record ourselves and just split ownership and all proceeds equally. Now, none of us were paid to go make this record, there was no travel or lodging budget. This was a living example of investing in yourself. The few people that knew what I was doing thought I should be getting this and that but the thing I want to share with you is that there is no way to get to your goals without constant self investment. Opportunities hardly ever come at a convenient time or in a convenient manner. They often times always require risk and sacrifice. And that, at the core, is what success in this business is all about. Never be afraid to take risks or invest in yourself. The project we recorded is phenomenal and we are looking forward to building the brand as a unit and as individuals. By making this investment in myself, I stand to reap rewards far beyond a certain amount of money. I stand to be a part of something that will create a steady income stream and, if nothing else, raise my professional circle and personal profile. So remember, never stop investing in yourself and everything is not measured by the nickels and dimes in front of you but sometimes you have to take risks and invest to get to the dollars and larger opportunies that await you on the other side of success. Stay strong and believe.

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