Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mixing Business and Pleasure

One thing about the music business is that it is full of delusions. We always start out being naive and believing that we can mix our emotions, art and business. Well I know you've heard it before and let me tell you again..."Never mix business and pleasure". Now this is simply saying not to confuse personal and business relationships. In order to be in business requires a certain type of posture that is in direct contradiction with the posture needed in a successful personal relationship. When we allow ourselves to confuse the two, we end up making business decisions based on emotion and not facts as well as making improper personal decisions. My advice is when building your company and career, keep your business as separate from your personal life as possible. Now, I know that we need support and most of the time the people we love dearly end up being our biggest helpers and even become our business associates. You should always establish boundaries so that all of your relationships stay solid. If you happen to work with someone of the opposite sex then you have to always recognize boundaries and don't let the good feelings of business success cause you to think that you could have a personal relationship with the person. Just keep it business. If you are married and you are considering a business relationship with your spouse, you must be clear on expectations and responsibilities. Not every marriage can withstand a business relationship. It is best to just be careful and maintain your autonomy in business at all times because it never fails that when a personal issue arises in a business atmosphere, it is NEVER good for business or pleasure so just don't mix the two. Play where you choose to play and work elsewhere. This is just real music business talk. As artists', most of us are controlled by our emotions but sometimes emotions and money don't make good bedfellows. Stay focused and strong. Put everything in it's proper place and success is already yours.

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