Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Deciding What to Sell

The music business, like most others, is a costumer based business and the concept of supply and demand is still the cornerstone of success. Even though music is a creative art and isn't a precise science in terms of knowing what will work and when, we still have ways to determine what the public will buy from us. Most of us are good at doing several things and we are usually working on trying to build and brand all of those things at once but I regret to inform you that we are spinning our wheels. Even though we may be good at several things so are about a million other people. We have to determine what it is that we have to offer to the public that is unique to us and once we make that discovery that is what we have to build on. I mean you might think that you are a great singer or producer but the thing that really gets people's attention is your live performance and stage presence. So what do you do? Well what you have to do is take a step back and reevaluate your focus. If people are going crazy over your performance or if their is something you do in your show that is a unique selling point, then that is what you have to build on. The truth is that whether you realize it or not every time you perform, your show is selling that thing anyway. You have to be a smart enough business man/woman to recognize what it is and jump on it while it is hot. Don't be bummed out because people like you as a high energy performer but you want to be an R&B crooner. Just accept the fact that they like something that you do and the thing they like is truly unique to you that's why they are there. The other important factor is understanding how this increases your value in the market place. Once you have discovered what sets you apart and you further define and refine how to market it, you become a more valuable commodity because the only place people can get what you do is by booking YOU. So if they want your unique gift that they know people will pay for then they have to meet YOUR price because you have now carved out an individual identity. Look at Lady GaGa for example. Before she focused on her gift of image and live presentation she was just another good singer in the mix of thousands of others but when she decided to focus on what was unique to her then it all clicked. Even though her music was always great she had to find a way to set herself apart and that for her was through image and presentation. Take time to listen to what your public is saying they REALLY like from you. Now this doesn't mean that you loose your identity or soul trying to be someone you are not or trying to be everything to everyone. There is something that you do every show that keeps people coming back for more. Find out what that is and build your brand from there. Enjoy the process of refining your brand. Success is yours!

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