Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Start!

When pursuing your goals, dreams or passions it always seems easier to do when you are younger. Youth seems to bring a certain bravery and tenacity that sometimes evaporates with age. It's like that commercial slogan, "Life comes at you fast." This is so true. The biggest issue we seem to have has nothing to do with knowing what our goals are. We know what we want, we just seem to have a problem taking that first step. Pursuing a goal is like running a race and if you are going to complete the race the first thing you have to do is to start running. I know this seems like common sense but you would be surprised at how many people are deathly afraid of taking that first step. This is mostly because it requires you to step into the unknown and to most people this can be too much. We all want certain guarantees when embarking on new ventures, especially as we get older because we don't feel like we have as much time to take risks anymore. The truth is that we take simple risks everyday. Security is perception, better yet it is an illusion. Most people are simply held prisoner by their pursuit of security instead of just living their lives full out in pursuit of their goals or personal legend. No matter what age you are, you are never too old too start something new. Once the thought or idea is given to you, just start, don't talk yourself out of it with a bunch of excuses. What usually happens is that you will have an idea and not move on it but once your idea has been birthed it must and will be fulfilled whether you do it or not. Have you ever seen something and said hey I had that idea but someone else beat you to it? The fact is that they didn't beat you too it they just acted on the idea while you were still making excuses. Remember, thoughts are things and once they are in the air they belong to the universe and must be fulfilled so don't just sit on anything. In order to be successful you have to DO something other than talk about it, in fact let your ACTIONS do the talking for you. You only fail when you don't start or try to move on your ideas or inspiration. Now waste no more time! Go right now and START you process. Success is simply waiting on you to start.

The Truth
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