Thursday, July 14, 2011

You Have To Be FEARLESS!

One of the most frequent questions I get from people is how I get this or that? They want to know who hooked me up with my connections as if I have some kind of secret to share. Well I do have the secret to being successful and getting what you want. YOU HAVE TO BE FEARLESS. The things that have happened and continue to happen in my career are all because I'm not afraid of the unknown. I decided what I wanted to do when I was thirteen years old and I have not looked back since. From the moment I claimed and began to verbally state my vision, people began to tell me how it was impossible and unattainable instead of encouraging me. Luckily I was focused enough to not be shaken. Don't get me wrong, I had and still do have those nervous moments where I will start to question what I should do but those moments only last for a short time because I realize that attaining success or achieving a goal is all about overcoming fear. We fear what we don't understand and have a tendency to want to stay in a kind of safe zone but growth of any kind is never comfortable. Growth constantly makes us reevaluate ourselves and our accomplishments. Most of us are afraid to grow because it demands that we take a look at who we REALLY are and face the sometimes uncomfortable truth about ourselves. So we began to make excuses as to why we can't do this or that and before we know it fear has taken over our very existence. We are no longer willing to take a chance on anything and it begins to show in our appearance, spirit and health. Fear is like a weight, it can hold you down. Fear can also manifest into stress which in turn can manifest into disease and death. Yes it is this serious! In order to live your life full out you have to be unafraid. When the creator gives you an idea or vision, you have to move on it immediately. Simply put, another word for fearless is faith. You have to have faith that what ever want you can have but you have to willing to go out into this world and claim it. That is how I am able to see the world via my art and craft. I am aggressively and fearlessly pursuing my goals and those goals are not based on any person doing this or that. The vision was given, I accepted it, it was then verbalized and written down and it is my goal to live it fearlessly everyday of my life. This is called manifestation. Being fearless simply means that you have the faith to live and walk in the light of what you want. So no more excuses! SEE IT, CLAIM IT, DO IT!!!!!!! FEARLESSLY!

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