Monday, July 25, 2011

Mind Your Associations

One of the biggest mistakes we make in pursuing success in the music industry or any industry is that we don't connect ALL of the dots. Achieving something is all about your mind set, environment, influences and associations. The latter is where we often times miss the mark. It is vitally important that we mind our associations. We have to choose who we associate with based on where we want to be, not where we are and definitely not where we've been. I mean when you where twenty years old, hanging out at the club every night or weekend might have been cool for twenty, but at thirty or forty your level of socializing should change. When we were younger it seemed that we chose friends just based on emotion, even if you knew someone had different goals, beliefs, morals or energy. To truly become successful in any field, every thing you do must contribute to that end. Even how you spend your down time. If your goal is to be a wealthy label owner or entertainment attorney, I seriously doubt if spending your free time at the dance club is really going to improve your stock. It's all about networking and you have to consistently put yourself in places that will grow your network and career. Successful people don't usually hang out in place that don't contribute to their growth. It's all about consistently raising your own exposure by going to more industry events such as those sponsored by The Recording Academy, ASCAP, BMI, . . .etc. It also seems that being able to play some golf is a must. Lots of big deals are made on the links. You can have just as much fun but in this case you can truly party with a purpose and trust me you end having a much better time knowing that you are networking, having fun and learning all at the same time. Another thing to remember is that we are always being watched and people judge you by the company you keep. You can't hang out with a certain type of person and say well what they do is on them, no it's on YOU too because birds of a feather really do flock together. This association thing is so deep that it even transfers to your personal life. People also take notice of the type of person you choose as a significant other and how that person carries themselves. Choosing the wrong personal relationship can ruin your career because that person represents you ALL of the time and if they are loud, rude, profane or unruly, this can be a strike against you because it says a lot about your ability or inability to judge character. Understand that there are NO days off from building your career, brand and network. This is your passion so you have to treat it as such. It's time to grow up and raise your levels of association. Watch how it changes your life. Enjoy the journey.

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