Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No Regrets

One of the greatest teachers in life is experience. We can study and read to become knowledgeable but it takes experience to acquire wisdom. I've heard football players talk about having to have a short term memory as not to let a bad previous play affect the next play. I've found that in the pursuit of a successful life and career we have to be able to do the same thing. We must be able to live with no regrets. The music industry is such a self motivated business so your focus is probably the most valuable commodity you have. Let's face it, we have all made mistakes or made some decisions that we were not happy with or have wished that we could have done some things differently. From to today forward I want to let you know that it is a must for us to live our lives and pursue our goals full out and you can't do that buy looking back and having regrets. Thoughts are things and true energy. The more time you spend thinking about how you messed up or how you wish you could change the past the less time you have to focus on getting to your goal. We have to be able to value ALL of our experiences because they make us who we are. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. We have to look at each experience as a building block or lesson. The only way I've learned and continue to learn about who I really am is through some of my mistakes and more importantly how I recover and use the lessons from those experiences. The only way you learn how to get up is by falling down and just because you get up once doesn't mean that you won't fall again. Living life full out requires us to embrace every experience as something great. This is how you develop wisdom and wisdom more than anything else is the key to reaching and maintaining your goals and guaranteeing a certain physical, mental and spiritual quality of life. Remember you can't win a race by focusing on the runner behind you. You have to stay focused on what's in front of you and run the race with all you have. There really are no mistakes just experiences that teach us and help sharpen our focus. Enjoy the journey for it is a great one.

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