Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Point Of View

As I enjoy growth in my career, it often challenges my thought process. As a creative person I am always seeing things through a kind of idealistic prism. Business and creativity can really make strange bed fellows. It is all about adjusting your point of view. How you proceed in a particular situation is all based on how you perceive it. In order for us as musicians/artists to truly achieve our goals, we have to be able to honestly look at where the industry is and how we fit into it or better yet how we will make it fit us. The term music business is truly an oxymoron but we have to be able to look at ourselves as two separate entities at all times. There has to be the creative side which is the driving force. This is the side of us that remains pure and unconcerned about anything other than getting our art expressed. There also has to be the business side which can take what we create and understand how to market it and make money from it. Even though you don't want the pursuit of money to corrupt your creative being, you still have to understand that in order to get to a certain level you have to make a business plan based on YOUR profit. You simply have to decide in what and where to invest your time. Let's face it, we can not become wealthy or even live comfortably by just playing club gigs. We have to find a way to take those great shows and great music, that we sometimes give away for free or at least at a cut rate, and figure out how to package them and market them to the masses in a way that will allow us to make money even while we sleep. This can be done via Internet marketing but it has to be consistent Internet marketing. You have to build a fan base and create a profitable brand not just a brand. You can create a brand that is recognizable based on exposure but is it making you money?For example: you can be branding yourself by playing clubs and gigs but if you are not developing a fan base that is willing to spend money on what you have to sell then you are wasting your time. It's simply about looking at what we do differently. We are in control! We have to see ourselves in this light not as followers or beggars waiting on managers, attorneys and labels to give us something. We have to change our point of view and see ourselves as deserving. Most of us don't believe that we deserve to be wealthy and that is evident in our daily actions. If you want more out of your life and career, you simply have to change how you look at things. There is beauty to behold and success to be had if you can only SEE IT! Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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