Monday, July 11, 2011

Time Is STILL Money

As a producer and studio owner I get the great opportunity to work with a lot of immensely talented people. I've done this for a long time and one of the things that I've been able to develop in the studio is a particular work flow. Anyone that has ever worked with us will tell you that we don't waste time at all. We do quality work but we get it done efficiently. The reason I like to work this way is to help save TIME & MONEY but most people don't seem to get that time is STILL money. As we all know, studio time is mostly charged by the hour so it is vital to be able to use that time wisely. The best way to do so is to show up fully prepared. If you are cutting a band, be sure to at least get together a few times before the session and go over the arrangement, keys, tempo and feel. Have a plan A & B. Plan A may be to record five rhythm tracks and plan B may be to get at least three done. Whatever it is, just have a plan. If your session starts at six then you should be there at least an hour early to set drums and mic amps, if need be, so that at six you are ready to roll. You have to understand that you are on the clock ALL the time. Some engineers will be gracious and not charge for set up time but you have to be ON TIME. The most contradicting thing to me is all of the people that make records have these great visions and plans but sometimes lack the follow through it takes to move the record beyond the studio. I've heard ever kind of hype speech and motivational pitch to be heard but people will get in the studio and not want to leave (LOL) I mean in terms of getting there project done. Don't start a project if you don't have the FULL budget to complete it. When I book a project I will set aside a certain amount of time to get it done and I will base my price on that schedule so to go any longer because a client doesn't have their money straight ends up costing ME money. Before you go into the studio be fully prepared creatively and financially so that you can get the best possible end result. Bottom line, being on time is the key to success in anything you do. It is important not to waste your time or anyone Else's. Now go make your plan, book your session and make a hit record. Remember time is STILL money.

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