Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Always Give 100%

I recently did a show at this club and there was literally about ten people that showed up all night. The artist I was playing with has a great show and awesome music but this was an off night for the club. Even though there was hardly anyone there, we still played as if the place was standing room only and the people that were there were blown away. One guy said he had seen bands really put on poor shows when the audience was not strong and he appreciated us for going all the way even though the crowd was slim. This reminded me of a lesson I learned long ago. Always give 100%. Your performance should not be defined by the size of the venue or the number of people in the crowd. You should give ALL you have EVERY time you take the stage. There are no off nights. Some nights may better than others but you have to give it everything you have. You never know who is watching and what can come from it. The interesting thing is that the club owner was so impressed with the fact that we stay all night and played the whole gig and she was also taken with the musicianship and quality of the performance that she went ahead and booked us again. She promised that she would provide a crowd but we assured her that we come to play EVERY time. Whether it's three or three thousand, you have to do your thing. After all, the people that show up deserve the best you have because they are there. Anyone else will just miss out. Remember, there are no nights off when on the stage. Always give 100%. Enjoy the journey.

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