Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What Next?

In every musicians life there are times of transition. For most of us that transition is connected to our age. We started this journey with a particular goal and time limit in mind but some things didn't quite pan out the way we imagined they would. On the other hand most of us have experienced success far beyond our initial goals. I am glad to say that I am one of those people that has been blessed beyond expectation and still that question exists. What Next? As musicians and artists in this business, it can be hard to maintain a singular focus with so many distractions. The entire industry is different. It is now based a singles driven non performance game and those for those of us who came up the old way, it can be hard to find and sustain our footing in this era. If we really take a serious look at it, we are really far better equipped to play this new game than we give ourselves credit for. Not only can we make great music to place on the Internet but we have to skill and know how to still take our craft to the stage and entertain the people and this is still an important component of success. Especially now because the quality of the modern stage performance has fallen way off. I'm not talking about having a million dollar over the top over produced show with dancers and circus clowns to boot. I'm talking about just being able to go on stage with your band and turn a place out with just your music and performance skills. So our transition is just figuring out how to take who we are and what we do and finding ways to integrate them into this new digital universe. We should never stop asking what's next because this only keeps us on our toes. There is always something new to learn and new creative territory to explore. Stay inspired and enjoy the journey.

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