Thursday, April 19, 2012

There's Always More To Learn

The cool thing about being a musician is being able to truly live your life out loud. Most people get beat down by life but we don't. Have your ever noticed how guys will play music well into their eighties? This is because music is a never ending journey. Yes, it is a journey and it's important for us to remember that. I often have people ask what my favorite type of music is or in what situations do I best like to play. I simply say I love to play good music with good musicians for beautiful people. I truly learn something from every performance and that's the key because there is always more to learn. It's this quest for knowledge and attention to being in the moment that keeps us young and vital. You never REALLY get all the way there with your craft, if you think you have done all you can do then you should just quit now. Life is about experiences and learning and the moment you stop learning, you die. We must all continue to practice our instruments and study as much as we can about as much as we can. I've found that the more music I listen too and the more I study different things it all has an effect on my playing and writing. It's as if I can hear better. I believe this to be true because the more open you are the more you receive. There are even things to be learned from silence if we only take the time to learn them. This is truly a life long and beautiful journey. As you take the stage tonight or any other night keep in mind that it's just another opportunity for you to learn something new and continue to challenge yourself to become a better musician and person. After all we are only creative extensions of our true personalities. Enjoy the journey.

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